About our practice

Whether your goals involve retirement, education, or financial security, remember to cherish the journey, not just the end result.

A trusted agent

Michael Larson is dedicated to actively listening and guiding you through life’s changes with a comprehensive range of insurance solutions.

Knowing you

Our first conversation will focus on getting to know you, hearing your story, answering your questions and understand how we fit together.

Plan & protect

After listening to your story and goals, we'll begin looking at options that make sense and shape recommendations based upon your feedback.

Ensure success

After embarking on this journey together, we'll maintain an ongoing dialogue and make course adjustments as needed to secure your family's financial success.


To get insurance coverage, you typically need to submit an application, provide relevant information about yourself and your assets, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the insurance provider.

The insurance process involves several steps: First, you submit an application with your details. Then, the insurer assesses your risk and determines the coverage and premium. If approved, you make periodic payments, and in case of a covered event, you file a claim for compensation.

Determining the coverage you need involves evaluating your assets, potential risks, and personal circumstances. Consider factors like health, property, and financial goals. Consulting with an insurance professional can help tailor coverage to your specific needs and provide guidance on the types and amounts of coverage suitable for your situation.